Hug Kitchen Waste Away With Clever Fruit + Veggie Savers

silicone food savers

When you cut into an apple without planning on eating the entire piece of fruit, you’ve got an ethical waste dilemma on your hands. Of course you can discard the uneaten fruit, if you want that on your conscience. Current preservation methods (plastic containers or bags, natural ingredients like lemon juice) have proved disappointing.

food huggers fresh food preservation

Enter Food Huggers, a surprisingly simple way to preserve fresh fruit or veggies. They are silicone caps that seal the open end of the fruit or vegetable, keeping oxygen out and preventing the food from turning brown. Smells can’t penetrate the material, so your whole fridge won’t smell like onion and your cucumber won’t smell like Chinese leftovers. They also reduce refrigerator clutter, as the halved fruit or vegetable lays flat and won’t roll around.

food huggers

Food Huggers come in four sizes which overlap each other so that there is always a hugger to fit what you need to preserve. You can even put the little silicone caps on open cans of half-eaten soup, veggies or beans to keep them fresh without hassling with aluminum foil.

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See more in Industrial Design or under Technology. July, 2013.