How to Make Your Very Own Edible Water Bubbles at Home

make edible water bubble instructions

When three students invented a waste-free water bottle called Ooho, the internet bubbled with interest. The biological packaging is easy to make at home, and the tinkerers at Inhabitat decided to do it themselves. Luckily for everyone, they also shared the recipe for making the edible water spheres at home.

how to make edible water bottles

The recipe calls for ingredients that probably aren’t in every kitchen, but that can be easily found by any determined maker. Sodium alginate and calcium lactate are the most exotic things you’ll need, and they’re both readily available on the internet or in most vitamin stores.

Inhabitat’s how-to video gives some very simple instructions for making the cool little water bubbles. They would make for a fun science experiment or even a unique way to bring along some individual servings of water on a picnic.

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See more in Weird Science or under Science. June, 2014.