Help for What Ails You: Brilliant, Funny Product Packaging

If you’ve ever gone shopping for headache tablets with a pounding headache already ravaging your brain, you can probably sympathize with the creator of Help Remedies. Help is a line of personal care products designed by Richard Fine, who was inspired to simplify their packaging after the above scenario made his poor aching head pound. He figured that people who need help with minor medical issues could use a few kind words and maybe a laugh.

His kinder, gentler product packaging greatly improves the overly-bright boxes typical of headache tablets, bandages, sleeping pills and other personal care items. Gone are the shiny, sharp-cornered boxes with screaming logos; in their place are packages made of soft molded paper pulp and corn-based pio-plastic that absorbs light. The packages are simple, with no confusing graphics or silly slogans. The front of the package simply displays exactly what the contents will help with.

Flip the packaging over and you’ll find funny little anecdotes meant to make you smile when you’re not feeling well. And if you go to Help Remedies’ website, you’ll find even more things to make you smile. The quirky, funny site carries over the packaging’s friendly approach and contains plenty of laugh-out-loud surprises, including an entire page dedicated to “helping” you with all of life’s little problems.

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See more in Industrial Design or under Technology. February, 2010.