Hand-Held Scanner Lets You Copy + Paste Nearly Anywhere

copy and paste

The “copy and paste” function is so familiar to computer users that it rarely needs explanation. The common function is breaking into the real world with a design by¬†Jayeong Yoon & Seulki Kim called, appropriately, Copy & Paste.

copier and scanner handheld

The gadget is a handheld scanner/printer that can take images from one physical place, record them, and transfer them to another physical surface. One button scans and the other prints.

handheld scanner and printer

No special paper or equipment is needed to use the handheld scanner/printer. Simply scan any image and recreate it on a flat surface – both actions are performed by moving the gadget slowly over the image and then the blank surface. The clever handheld device was a 2013 red dot design award: design concept winner.

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See more in Unbuilt Concepts or under Technology. December, 2013.