Futuristic Bike Flips Around to Create Cool Tandem Ride

You just don’t see as many tandem bikes these days as you used to. Designer Jose Hurtado is poised to right that wrong with his Twist bike, a bike with hubless wheels that can easily link up with other bikes to create a kind of bicycle centipede. You simply remove the rear wheel from one bike, twist that bike around and latch it up to the rear wheel of the other one.

According to Hurtado, this link-up potential can help foster connections between people who might meet up during leisurely bike rides. If you come across a cyclist who also happens to have a Twist, one of you can discard your front wheel and you can take off together in tandem cycling fun.

But aside from this sort of funky connecting superpower, the Twist is all about security and ease of use. Every component comes off easily to allow for repairs, easy transportation and secure lock-up. Or you could hide all of the pieces for a fun bike scavenger hunt after you get tired of your tandem rides.

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See more in Bikes & Cycles or under Transportation. April, 2012.