Future Telling System Uses Online Data to Predict Your Day

future control projection

Unless you’re in the minority of people who don’t care to post their whole lives online, you probably leave a lot of information about yourself and your typical daily routine out there in cyberspace. The Future Control project from designer Dor Tal is a set of smart objects that can predict what’s going to happen to (and around) you next.

projected future telling image

The objects are to be paired with a smartphone and a proprietary app. The app looks at at the user’s social media networks to find info on the user as well as his or her interests and any groups, friends, organizations or events that might affect the user’s daily life.¬†Allowing the app access to more of your information will, naturally, give it more ability to predict what will happen in the course of your day. Do you always stop off for a coffee at the same time every day? Based on your credit card information, the Future Control can predict that – but telling you something you already know isn’t that spectacular.

What’s really cool is what the Future Control does with the information. The objects – a smartwatch or tiny projector – scour information from your networks and contacts to predict how certain events will go. In the video above, the app analyzes texts between team members to predict that their presentation will not be ready on time so that you, the user, can reschedule the presentation.

projector and watch

The relevant information can be displayed on a wall if you’re at home or the office, and controlled with hand gestures. When you’re on the go, the wristwatch can project the necessary messages right onto your hand. This brilliant concept was part of Dor Tal’s graduation project as an exploration of humans’ age-old obsession with trying to predict the future.

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See more in Futuristic or under Technology. March, 2014.