Feather Touch: Medical Device Makes Starting IVs Simple

No matter how old you are, having an IV inserted into a vein is a pretty scary experience, and it is often painful. The Medical Feather from designer Adrian Borsoï is a concept that would take a lot of the pain and fear out of the process.

Ultrasound technology helps a doctor or nurse find an appropriate vein easily, without the typical poking and potential repeated jabs. After a vein is located, a small patch marks the appropriate spot. The patch numbs the spot and blocks it from the view of the patient, making the process doubly easier on the person having a needle inserted under his or her skin.

The Medical Feather is a handheld gadget about the size of an ear thermometer that could easily fit into a nurse’s regular IV kit. The designer does not mention a projected cost, but for certain healthcare settings a tool like this could be invaluable.

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See more in Unbuilt Concepts or under Technology. July, 2012.
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