Fancy Up Your Desktop With a Luxury Spherical Hard Drive

shiny futuristic spherical hard drive

If you’ve ever looked at your desk and thought “Well, this isn’t nearly luxurious enough,” then the LaCie Sphère is here to pull you out of your non-fancy squalor. The rather beautiful spherical hard drive is handcrafted in Yainville, France and encased in super-shiny silver-plated steel case.

futuristic sphere hard drive

Looking like something from outer space, the hard drive holds an impressive 1TB of information. It doesn’t even require a power cord; it connects to your computer for data transfer and powering up via a single USB 3.0 cable.

handcrafted technology

Fancy French brand Christofle designed the truly beautiful hard drive. Although it looks futuristic and its insides are, in fact, quite high-tech, the polished globe is handcrafted using old-world techniques.


The Sphère comes with basic software that prompts it to automatically back-up your information; it also has an eco-friendly mode that uses 90% less energy when the drive is idle. Available as of February 2014, the Sphère will run you a cool $490 (at the time of publication).

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