Fan-Powered Future Bike: Video of A Working Hoverbike

Although we’re living in a pretty incredible futuristic world, we still don’t have a lot of the awesome gadgets promised to us by The Jetsons. Which, frankly, is a huge disappointment. But we’re getting a little closer to the ideal future with this real, working hoverbike. It’s no flying car, but at least it lets humans overcome the pesky bonds of gravity for a little while.

The hoverbike, created by aerospace firm Aerofex, uses two high-powered fans to lift it off of the ground. It picks up on the small balancing movements people make when riding a bike or motorcycle, letting anyone drive it without any special training – provided you already know how to ride a bike or motorcycle.

Early versions of the bike could go as fast as a helicopter, but for safety’s sake the hoverbike is being tested at 30 MPH and 15 feet off of the ground. Aerofex doesn’t anticipate their awesome speederbike-like invention hitting the streets for us regular people anytime soon; instead, they are working on unmanned versions for the military. So while we’re pleased the thing exists, we’re still pretty disappointed we can’t get our hands on one.

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See more in Mods & Custom or under Transportation. August, 2012.