Espresso Express: In-Car Coffee Maker is a Jolt on Wheels

Feeling a bit sluggish on your drive to work? Skip the drive-through and brew your own dark, creamy espresso as you’re hurtling through traffic with the Handpresso. Billed as the world’s first in-car espresso machine, the Handpresso fits into the car’s cup holder and plugs right into the 12V cigarette lighter/outlet.

The operation is simple enough: you just pour in some water, add a coffee pod and push a button. The coffee brews at 16 bars of pressure, giving it that lovely crema on top. And when it’s done brewing, you just push another button to dispense the dark deliciousness into a waiting cup. Or directly into your mouth if you’re brave like that.

The company that makes the Handpresso wisely recommends that you pull off of the road before brewing a tasty cup of espresso. An in-car espresso maker seems like a great idea and a terrible idea at the same time. If you’re inclined to believe the former, it’s available for €149 here – but isn’t yet available in the U.S.

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See more in Home & Personal or under Gadgets. April, 2012.
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