Draw Your Own Video Game, Then Play it on Your iOS Device

creatable video game

If you’ve ever played a platform video game and thought “I could make a way better game than this,” your day has finally come. Pixel Press is a mobile app that lets you create your own game, then play it from your mobile device. You don’t need to know any kind of coding or even use a computer – just draw what’s in your imagination and the app takes care of the rest.

pixel press draw your own game

It all starts with a special piece of graph paper, which you can either print out or have sent to you pre-printed. The app’s instructions give you the basics for creating terrain, traps, obstacles and barriers. The goal is to create five levels which your character will traverse, bottom to top, with each one getting progressively more difficult.

make your own custom video game

When you’re done drawing your game, you snap a picture of it with your iOS device and the Pixel Press software goes to work digitizing it into a playable game. You get to test it out, add textures and music, and even try out games created by other users. The whole Pixel Press experience has the potential to be educational as well as entertaining. The project is raising funds on Kickstarter, with great donation incentives like early downloads and sketchpads.

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