Do the Robot: Exoskeleton Arm Eliminates Worker Fatigue

No matter how muscular you are, if you work with your arms up all day using heavy machinery you will experience muscle fatigue at some point. A company called Equipois has developed an exo-skeleton arm that will give puny humans the awesome strength of robots for a mere $3000. The x-Ar straps onto the user’s arm and absorbs all of the weight of whatever is being carried, held or manipulated so that the user’s muscles never experience fatigue. But the machine doesn’t hinder movement, so the user can still utilize all of his or her fine motor skills to perform very precise movements.

The video above shows a different model of Equipois’ technology called the zeroG, which attaches to the tool being used rather than to the user’s arm. Although the two models work differently, the video demonstrates just how effortlessly a user can manipulate heavy objects using the technology. While it would be super awesome to walk around with this thing on your arm throwing stuff and lifting up cars, the company wants to develop the project to help disabled people and – way in the future – add in a brain-controlled interface to help veterans with brain injuries.

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See more in Cybernetics or under Technology. March, 2011.