Dissolving Pods: Design Solves Disposable Plastic Problem

coffee pod system design

Keurig and its equivalents are so convenient it is hard to conceive of going back to something less handy, but important to find something that produces less waste, hence this minimalist solution using sugar-based containers that dissolve when used.

coffee pod alternative green

The Droops Coffee Maker system is centered around pods that melt away when exposed to hot water, visually inspired by variously-shaped colorful candies from their creator’s childhood.

coffee pot pod design

coffee maker droops idea

The device itself is a modular stackable system involving a heating unit and water container which, when joined, form a circuit and allow you to brew your coffee.

coffee edible pod machine

coffee stackable modular system

“Droops coffee maker identifies the issue of unnecessary packaging waste cause by the massive consumption of coffee. Therefore, by reinventing the packaging as the content of the coffee, the packaging will be part of the coffee upon consumption.”

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See more in Industrial Design or under Technology. May, 2015.