Dirty Pictures: Dusty Car Windows Meet Fine Art

Have you always admired those kooky art cars, but you just can’t see committing yourself (or your car) to such a permanent art piece? Artist Scott Wade has come up with a perfect – and impermanent – way to cover your car in art. He creates masterpieces in dirt on the back of car windows using just his fingers, a few brushes and the ever-present Texas road dust that settles on his and his wife’s cars.

Scott Wade has the benefit of living on a mile and a half of dirt road comprised of caliche and gravel. When driving on this fine, white dust, it doesn’t take long for it to cover a car’s back window. Rather than getting annoyed with the constant covering of dust, Wade decided to do something fun with it. He recreates famous works of art and comes up with his own, rendering them in surprising detail by wiping patterns in the dirt.

When your car features such unique and interesting artwork, it’s hard to keep onlookers from staring. Wade says that people have gotten out of their own cars at red lights to look at his art or take pictures of it. When parked in a parking lot, the arted-up cars are often surrounded by a group of people admiring the fantastic “paintings.” Even more interesting is the fact that the paintings change over time. As more dust accumulates or precipitation streaks or partially washes away a piece, it takes on a whole new personality.

Obviously, the pieces are at the mercy of the weather and they do tend to wash away when it rains. That’s okay with their creator, though – he views it as his cue to get started on something new and wonderful all over again. This unique brand of art has earned Scott attention from all over the world: his car dust paintings have been featured on television and in print many times. He’s also been invited to create work for festivals, and he’s even dipping his toes into creating these muddy masterpieces for commercial clients.

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See more in Art Vehicles or under Transportation. March, 2010.
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