Digitized Time: E-Paper Watch Swaps Designs With a Touch

fes watch

What if you never had to decide on a wristwatch design again? Japanese startup Fashion Entertainments teamed up with TAKT Project to produce the FES Watch, a timepiece that changes its appearance as often as you like.

fes watch blank face

electronic paper display changing watch

Made with electronic paper, the FES Watch starts out looking completely blank, face and all. The watch’s face and wristband design only appear when you bring your arm up in the classic “checking the time” posture.

electronic paper design shifting watch

design changing e-ink watch

Touching the watch’s body changes the design of the face and strap. There are 24 pre-programmed designs that appear out of nowhere and then fade away, essentially creating a new watch each time.

e-paper design shifting watch

pattern changing electronic paper watch

The stated goal of Fashion Entertainments is to create new ways to enjoy digitized fashion. This watch creates a feeling of fluidity and motion that adapts to the wearer’s style rather than requiring the wearer to change accessories to match the outfit of the day.

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See more in Clocks & Watches or under Gadgets. October, 2014.