Digital Clocks Need Physical Interaction to Tell the Time

rewind digital interactive clocks

Telling time is one of those forgettable daily activities that we don’t pay much attention to, but it has changed quite dramatically in the past century. Where we once carried or wore devices that had to be wound in order to work, we now rely on batteries and cell phones to keep us informed.

interactive digital clocks

ECAL graduate Pauline Saglio put the element of physical interaction back into time-telling with her diploma project entitled ‘Rewind.’ The project consists of three digital “clocks,” each with a different winding mechanism. To display the time, the user must activate these mechanisms by twisting, pushing or pulling.

The interactive clocks don’t simply display the time, however. First, unique animations fill the screen. Eventually the on-screen objects come together to form pictures of clock hands that indicate the current time. The project is a blend of art and technology with a little bit of practicality thrown in for good measure.

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