Decoder Glasses Translate Foreign Languages in Real Time

decoder glasses reading foreign menus or documents

People from all over the world will be travelling to Tokyo in 2020 for the Olympics. Needless to say, those tourists will need to decode food menus, a tricky task in Japanese. Not knowing how to read the language could result in some major mix-ups (which could actually lead to discovering some new foods, but we’ll assume that’s not your goal here). These glasses will hopefully be ready in time for the games.

translating glasses

The glasses achieve what Japanese telecoms firm NTT Docomo calls “character recognition technology.” Using augmented reality, the desired language is projected over the original language on the menu. It can also be used on other documents besides menus, so you can finally kick start your spy career…right after lunch.

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See more in Cybernetics or under Technology. October, 2013.
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