Dashboard Medical: Car Apps Know if You’re Hungry, Sneezy

Our cars can already tell us so much about the world: which direction we’re heading, what kind of gas mileage we’re getting, the weather outside and even what the traffic is like up ahead. But Ford wants to make cars even smarter with a health-monitoring dashboard. The car company wants to introduce a whole suite of applications that could make our cars an even bigger part of our everyday lives. The apps could measure the day’s pollen count and, when appropriate, roll up your windows to keep the contaminated air out of your car.

The focus of Ford’s initiative is taking care of drivers with chronic conditions like hypoglycemia and allergies. They are not, however, interested in developing apps that would measure a driver’s blood alcohol level. But if your blood sugar is dipping, your car will gently remind you that it’s time to eat and even give you directions to the nearest restaurant. According to Ford, features like this could help cut down on blood sugar-related crashes. It seems to us that detecting the amount of alcohol someone has consumed might be more useful, but maybe Ford will come around eventually.

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See more in Cars & Trucks or under Transportation. May, 2011.