Curved Mouse Makes Armchair Computing More Comfortable

When you’re working (or playing) away from your desk on a laptop, you typically have two options: the finicky, hard-to-control built-in trackpad or one of those annoyingly tiny “travel” mice. We hate both of those options.

The Arc Mouse from designers Seunghoon Sin and ChangSeok Kim would be a much more comfortable way to control your computer. The curved wireless mouse works on your thigh or on the curved surface of an armchair arm, letting you comfortably navigate without finding a suitable surface required by a traditional mouse.

While it’s only a concept at the moment, the idea behind the Arc Mouse is a good one. Trying to use a mouse of any size while sitting on a chair or sofa is beyond frustrating, but laptop track pads are incredibly annoying. The softly curved mouse might be just the thing to make relaxed working even easier.

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See more in Computers or under Gadgets. August, 2012.