Color-Changing Lamp Sucks Up Hues With a Little Squeeze

colorup lamp

Color plays a larger role in our daily lives than some people realize. The color red, for example, can make us feel hungry. Blue can encourage a feeling of peace and tranquility. Retail stores, restaurants, advertisers, and even doctors’ offices use colors to manipulate our emotions to achieve a certain goal. The ColorUp Lamp from Pega Design & Engineering lets you perform the same kind of color-related emotional manipulation on your own terms.

The table lamp is shaped like an oversized light bulb. Its squishy silicone body is not only fun to play with; it’s the method by which the user interacts with the lamp. Set it on any surface and give it a squeeze, and the internal sensors will absorb that color frequency and display it as the lamp’s new color.

color changing squeezable lamp

The large silicone casing diffuses the light and casts a soft colored glow all around you. It’s possible to change the entire mood of the room just by giving the ColorUp lamp a little squeeze. You can use different colors for studying, relaxing, working, and whatever else your day¬†throws your way.

light absorbing color changing lamp

Making the lamp able to absorb and display every color possible would make the lamp cost-prohibitive, but it has a wide range of a few hundred color frequencies that it can duplicate. The designers wanted to make a product that users could interact with and get the immediate tangible satisfaction of that interaction via the tactile squeeze and the fun lighting color shift.

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See more in Home & Personal or under Gadgets. October, 2014.