Closet Genius: Revamped Hanger Simplifies Laundry Day

Maybe the way you hang clothes in your closet isn’t a pressing issue, but if you spend a significant amount of your time fiddling with hangers you might just be ready for a closet innovation. The Pinch hanger from industrial designer Jaineel Shah is a great example of a simple tweak that changes the whole functionality of an everyday item.

The Pinch uses a simple, intuitive pinching gesture to fold down the arms of the hanger. This folding action makes it simple for clothes to drop right off or be easily slid on – no pulling, tugging or stretching required. The designer doesn’t address the subject of how heavier items might fare on the Pinch, but it seems reasonable to assume that the hanger is intended for lightweight objects only.

As cool as the idea is, it probably wouldn’t make as much sense in a household setting as it would in a factory or in a clothing store. The volume of clothing handled in those settings every day would make the Pinch a truly revolutionary tool. In order to be ideal for home use, we’d love to see different sizes and perhaps some hooks or grooves on the arms to keep spaghetti straps and delicate items in place.

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See more in Industrial Design or under Technology. February, 2012.