Classic Design, Updated: Wood Matchbox-Style Laptop Case

This laptop case from designer Brian Kelly is worlds away from the usual neoprene and nylon laptop cases we’re used to seeing; it’s a rich, natural plywood that cradles your computer in a simple, elegant shape. The case is reminiscent of a match box, with its stationary outer case and moving interior “drawer.”

The case works with a simple sliding piece that fits into the larger case. To open or close the case, you just slide the small moving end out. The interior surfaces are covered in cork to keep your precious cargo safe and provide some heat resistance.

Kelly says the case was an exercise in bending plywood. The simple but intriguing case is so attention-grabbing that it would definitely be hard to ignore if you saw someone walking around with one of these. Of course, the lack of a handle means that you would have to either carry it under your arm book-style or in a bag…but if this lovely case ever made it to market we’re pretty sure no one would complain about the convenience factor.

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See more in Industrial Design or under Technology. November, 2010.
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