Cardboard Surfboard Doesn’t Sink, But Does Carve Waves

cardboard surfboard

If you grew up in a snowy area (and your parents wouldn’t spend money on another sled you’d just break anyway) you’ve probably experienced the sheer joy of sliding down a steep, snowy hill on a piece of cardboard. You probably also remember that piece of cardboard eventually getting town up and wet, and disintegrating before your weepy eyes. Lesson learned: cardboard + moisture + friction = frowny face.

signal snowboards cardboard surfboard

Signal Snowboards and Ernest Packaging Solutions, however, teamed up to completely change that. They created a surfboard made of cardboard that doesn’t immediately become waterlogged and sink as soon as you put it in the water. Which is what happens, by the way, if you try surfing on a regular piece of cardboard. Trust us.

working surfboard made of lightweight cardboard

The core of the surfboard is made of lightweight but strong honeycomb cardboard. The honeycomb structure provides a strong base; after it’s sealed with a strong polyurethane polymer, it becomes as tough as wood. After it’s coated with a thin layer of see-through fiberglass, it becomes waterproof and can be sanded and waxed just like any other surfboard.

The idea of a paper surfboard might seems ludicrous, but a dedicated team came together to make it possible. It not only gets into the water and goes; it handles the waves like a champ.

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See more in New Materials or under Science. October, 2014.