Car Remote Clicker is a Guiding Light for Forgetful Drivers

Finding your car in a huge parking facility can be a pain even when you have a remote fob to flash the lights and beep the horn. You usually have to be in the correct level of the garage to notice the light and horns, after all.

The Car Compass is a concept for the absentminded among us. It’s a small device that guides you right to your car with a series of arrows on its tiny display.

Unlike the standard method of wandering around clicking the “lock” button and trying to follow the sound of the horn and flashing lights (which is even harder when you aren’t the only forgetful soul there), the Car Compass would give you a definite route to follow to get back to your car.

The concept, developed by AhhaProject as a case study for BMW, doesn’t say whether it would guide you up and down to different levels of a parking garage, but pushing the button and following the resulting directional light would at least get you to the right section of the facility.

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See more in Cars & Trucks or under Transportation. January, 2012.