Canine Car Harness: Doggie Seat Belt Keeps Everyone Safe

pet seat belt skoda

Unbuckled dogs in automobiles can be a danger to your pet passenger as well as the driver and other riders, making this snug solution a good way to keep all parties involved safer on the road.  At just 30 miles per hour with a 10-pound dog, a fender bender can turn your pup into a projectile with 300 pounds of force.

pet seat belt bars

One of a number of pet-friendly features offered by Czech automaker Skoda as part of a K9 package, this seat belt provides a snug harness to reduce dog-related distractions and keep pets in place during accidents as well (the device comes in four sizes to fit various weights and body shapes). Related offerings include pet grills as well as hammocks to help keep the back of your car cleaner when transporting canine companions.

pet dog accessories automobile

Only a small percentage of drivers secure their pets during transit, but as Inhabitat notes: “There’s somewhere in the region of 70-80 million dogs residing in households around the U.S., and according to AAA, 56 percent of all dog owners drive with their pup at least once a month, accompanying owners on anything from a quick errand to a coast-to-coast road trip. But a phenomenal 84 percent of these rides are conducted with the dogs roaming free, and that’s a serious hazard for both dog and owner.”

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