Broken iPhones Upcycled Into Lovely Modern Home Decor

iphone screen glass wall clock

The heartbreak of dropping your expensive iPhone is so much stronger than you might expect, particularly when you get the repair bill. Chris Koerner, an iPhone repair tech, is somewhat mitigating that heartbreak by taking broken iPhone parts and making them into new and useful home objects.

shattered iphone coffee table

Koerner noticed that phone pieces which couldn’t be reused for anything were rapidly accumulating in his workshop, and he wondered if he could give them new life and keep them from the landfill.

twice used shattered iphone coaster

From this thought was born Twice Used, a project focusing on upcycling broken iPhones into stylish and useful everyday items.

broken iphone jewelry

The collection includes a gorgeous wall clock, coasters, picture frames, jewelry, and even a coffee table. The pieces are all masterfully crafted, with special attention given to the repeating modern shapes of the shattered phone pieces.

twice used colored picture frame

Even the cracks in the glass are beautified with the addition of some subtle color. If you’ve ever experienced the painful loss of your lovely (and pricey) iPhone, these upcycled pieces might be just what you need to get over that lingering sorrow.

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See more in Art of Tech or under Technology. November, 2013.