Bristling BMW: Scintillating Solar Electric Luxury Car Concept

bmw solar powered electric concept car

Imagine driving to work one day, and when you look out of the side window you see the car next to you suddenly erupt in what look like hundreds of little spikes. Upon closer inspection, you see that they’re actually panels, like fish scales, that pop up when the driver slows down. Maybe you won’t see this bizarre BMW on the street anytime soon, but it integrates two very interesting bits of technology into the already-awesome BMW line: solar panels and wind-resistance air brakes.

bmw lovos concept car

The BMW Lovos – short for Life of Voluntary Simplicity – concept was created by Anne Forschner, a graduate of Pforzheim University in Germany. The car would presumably be electric, given its generous use of solar panels. The panels operate on individual hinges so they are able to either follow the sun or pop up to help slow the car when needed.

porcupine solar bmw

As much as we love the concepts that designers come up with, we have to say that this one is a little baffling. All of those thin, small moving parts would undoubtedly cause a ton of problems. Photovoltaic panels on cars are great, but movable ones seem to just be asking for trouble. Regardless, this takes top prize for the most unique and interesting car concept we’ve seen in ages.

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See more in Concept Vehicles or under Transportation. December, 2009.