Bright Spots: Clever Illuminated Cork Board Push Pins

Bulletin boards are such a great way to keep things organized and display some of your best memories, and these lighted push pins are a very clever addition to a board, no matter what you hang on it.

The pins are a little more complex than they look at first. On first glance you might assume they each have a battery inside, but the pins are actually powered by an electrified sheet of aluminum sandwiched between a sheet of cork and a sheet of acrylic.

When the pins are pushed through the cork, they make contact with the aluminum and light up. The head of the pin conducts no electricity so the system is entirely safe for users. A switch on the board controls how bright the light from the pins is. The very cool idea was a 2011 Red Dot Design Concept winner, and while it’s currently not in production we would love to see it in stores – and on our walls.

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See more in Unbuilt Concepts or under Technology. May, 2012.