Biodegrada-Bowl: Could Your Whopper Grow a Plant?

disposable food bowl

Ever felt guilty about the amount of waste your fast food meal creates? The volume, not to mention the use of Styrofoam, is just another way humans contribute to landfill overload and overall environmental harm. Feel guilty no more with The Disposable Food Bowl.

biodegradable take out container

Design student Michal Marko developed a biodegradable take-out box. A student at Tomas Bata University, he essentially made a burger (or sandwich, Chinese food, etc.) container that can be planted into the ground – literally.

biodegrading food take-out container

Beneath the label on the top of the container are seeds. After being implanted in the built-in soil layer, the submerged box dissolves as the plant grows. We hate to get all hippy on you, but if the earth gives you food, isn’t it best to give back to the earth?

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See more in Industrial Design or under Technology. September, 2013.