Bicycle Barometer Makes Your Daily Commuting Plans Simple

bike barometer

For people who have the choice between riding the train or biking to work, the realization that you chose incorrectly often hits when you’re past the point of no return. To avoid this frustrating dilemma, UK inventor Richard J. Pope built this clever bike barometer. It tells him every morning whether he should ride his bike to work or take the train based on a number of weighted factors. Based on the data collected by the barometer, the hand swings toward a picture of a bike or the Tube logo.

Weather, the status of the specific Tube lines Pope uses to get to work, and whether his nearest Tube station is open or closed all factor into the barometer’s reading. Different types of data are worth different levels of consideration: snow is considered more of an inconvenience than rain, for example, where biking is concerned. The barometer accomplishes its fortune telling using a Nanode microprocessor and publicly-available information about conditions. The instructions to make your very own can be found here.

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See more in Home & Personal or under Gadgets. February, 2013.