Awesome 8-Bit Paintings Combine Blockiness + Watercolors

bob ross

Eight-bit art has a special place in the hearts of gamers who grew up playing Atari and other early video game systems. Artist Adam Lister combines blocky art with pop culture to create some uniquely awesome watercolor paintings in a series called “8-Bit Watercolors.”

classic paintings

forrest gump

Combining elements of cubism and video game art, Lister chooses subjects that range from television characters to Star Wars scenes to classic paintings.

star wars droids


The artist begins with a general sketch, the fills it out using nothing but horizontal and vertical lines. It’s kind of like a sophisticated Etch-A-Sketch that churns out some unforgettable images.

walter white

batman and robin

To add depth to his paintings, Lister uses a heavyweight paper and gentle watercolor shading, providing a wonderful balance between the blockiness of the images and the textures of the paper and color.

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