Augmented Reality App Puts Cartoons on Real-World Stuff

The LZRTAG app takes street art from static images to 2D animations that anyone can create and spread around. After uploading an animation, you print out some customized augmented reality tags that you then post on any real-world surface. A passerby scans the tags with his or her smartphone and gets to watch the two-dimensional animation instantly. Of course, the passerby needs to have the appropriate app installed in order to watch the little cartoon.

The technology could be used in print media to add a whole new dimension to the experience of reading a newspaper or magazine. Or it could just liven up the practice of street art, giving artists a whole new way to communicate with the world. Animation tags created by the app will remain active for at least six months, and all parts of the service are free.

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See more in Digital Design or under Technology. July, 2012.