Artsy Animations: Two Fantastically Fun Animated Films

Animation is one of those art forms that is almost universally loved, and it’s gone through its share of changes and evolution since its invention. These two amazing videos show that low-tech animation methods can be just as fun to watch as the complicated computer-generated graphics we seem to see just about everywhere these days.

Stop-motion animation has a long and entertaining history beginning way back in the late 19th century. Here, the adorable Swedish weirdos behind Ninja Moped use coins to create a geektastic stop-motion cartoon called “Insert Coin.” Borrowing from plenty of our most-loved video games, they create some of the most impressive amateur animation we have ever seen. It took the duo around seven weeks to produce this masterpiece.

This awesome animation was created by Dulcidio Caldeira of Paranoid BR for MTV Brazil. A long line of balloons, each with a sequential picture, is popped by a pin – one after another. Each new picture is exposed fast enough that it looks like an animated sequence – almost like a cartoon flip book made of balloons.

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See more in Digital Design or under Technology. May, 2011.