Artistic Devotion: Intricate Hand-Carved Soviet Motorcycle

carved wooden motorcycle

This incredible carved wooden motorcycle is what happens when an exceptionally skilled carpenter runs low on work and needs a project to keep him busy.

detailed hand carved wooden motorcycle

russian hand carved wooden motorcycle

intricate carved wooden motorcycle

Russian carpenter Yuri Hvtisishvili was looking for something to occupy his time during a period when work was slow. His passion for Soviet motorcycles led him to decide on carving a full-scale model of one.

detailed carved wooden motorcycle

hand carved wooden motorcycle seat

incredibly detailed wooden carved motorcycle

Hvtisishvili’s motorcycle of choice was the legendary IL-49, which he chose partially because of its distinctive¬†seat and gas tank.

handmade carved wooden motorcycle

carpenter hand carved wooden motorcycle

detailed hand carved wood russian motorcycle

Using only beech and pine, Hvtisishvili made every part of the motorcycle Рincluding the bolts and other tiny details Рfrom wood. He painstakingly recreated every last inch of the bike.

hand carved wood motorcycle

hand carved wooden motorcycle

wooden motorcycle

It took the master carpenter four months to complete this gorgeous carved motorcycle. After showing off this piece, we doubt Hvtisishvili has had any more trouble finding carpentry work.

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See more in Art Vehicles or under Transportation. August, 2014.