Art History Goes Sci-Fi: Classic Paintings Hilariously Recast

Some artists stretch their artistic muscles and try to develop new skills by taking a stab at recreating classic paintings. Others, like the artists who created these fabulous sci-fi versions of well-known paintings, do it for the fun of it. The above C3PO Descending a Staircase was derived from Marchel Duchamp’s classic Nude Descending a Staircase. Artist John Mattos took on the famous painting, replacing the nude with the equally-attractive droid.

Mattos inserted Star Wars imagery into another classic by substituting the musicians in Picasso’s Three Musicians for crazy sci-fi figures from the Cantina.

Finally, Cyril van der Haegen recreates N.C. Wyeth’s The Giant with a special kind of unspeakable horror: a massive, mist-shrouded Cthulhu stomping across the shoreline.

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See more in Science Fiction or under Science. April, 2012.