Airless Tires Could Make War Zones a Little Safer for Troops

One of the biggest dangers to soldiers in combat situations is roadside bombs; not only do they cause immediate damage to human bodies, but they also destroy supplies and disable vehicles. These airless tires from Resilient Technologies would help to cut down on the damages to military vehicles, possibly allowing rescue vehicles to travel in dangerous areas without fear of bullets or shrapnel causing debilitating flat tires.

The non pneumatic tires are the result of a 21-month-long development plan between Resilient Technologies and the US Army Research Laboratory. The airless tires are a significant step forward in improving field mobility and will continue to be tested in a number of settings and situations. Ultimately, the goal is to put the tires on military Humvees to provide a greater degree of constant mobility – and therefore, safety – for US soldiers.

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See more in Mods & Custom or under Transportation. February, 2012.