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Introduction & Overview: Gajitz is a leading independent online publication featuring gadgets, science and technology, including home gadgetry, innovative vehicles and creative inventions. Well-written and regularly-published original content attracts a growing regular readership of influential, educated and high-income individuals. Moreover, the site offers reasonable advertising rates, flexible options and an exceptionally high repurchase rate from satisfied advertisers.

Please note that for the integrity of the site and in order to provide value to visitors no text links or sponsored articles are offered. Direct button and banner ad sales are available at discounts but only to highly-relevant advertisers and with additional restrictions on size and style depending upon other details. Please read the following (or skip to and see the two advertising types available at the end of this page) before contacting us via the link at the end.

Approach & Influence: Fresh new articles are added multiple times daily. Gajitz is well known as both a trend-spotting and taste-making source of news, information and inspiration for media industry professionals, students and entrepreneurs.

Traffic & Pageviews: The site receives 200,000+ monthly visitors and 500,000+ monthly pageviews, the majority of whom are from the United States (followed by CA, AU, the UK and Western Europe). Incoming individuals are a healthy mix of regular return readers, new referral visitors and relevant search engine traffic.

Advertising Options: Gajitz offers two basic types of advertising, listed below.

1) Direct Sales: If your product or service is particularly relevant to the site and yours is a small-business operation you can reach out directly for directly-discounted button units. We offer a limited number of site-wide, month-to-month placements at just 10 to 20% of market CPM rates. These have historical repurchase rates of 100% after the first month, which illustrates their high ROI and low CPA for advertisers. However, their sizes and locations are restricted — they must be 160×160 or 300×100. No text is accepted. Minimal animation is possible.

2) Premium Networks: With a number of placement options, our network representatives offer high-profile spaces. These come, of course, at significantly higher (market-level) prices but with greater targeting options (geography, demographics, the list goes on) and a range of durations and locations to fit large and small budgets. Options include expandable, animated and otherwise interactive units — above the fold or directly after articles. These vary in price but are consistent with market rates. For maximum and immediate exposure this is the best solution available.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on these two options and, if possible, specify which you are interested in. Inquiries outside of these types will not be considered unless extremely similar to existing offerings and consistent with our editorial policy (no sponsored articles), so please select the one that best suits your purposes and limit questions to the available options.

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