Accident Proof: Stablized BMW Motorcycle Can’t Fall Over


Designed to leave accidents in the dust, this zero-emissions Motorrad Vision Next 100 uses self-balancing technology that purports to make the vehicle accident-proof and even let bikers ride sans helmet.


“We imagine all the downsides of riding a motorcycle to be gone,” said the designers. “The vehicle will be so safe that you cannot fall over, and accidents will be a thing of the past.”


As the user rides, the balancing system keeps the bike upright and adjusts banking angles while smart glasses screen ahead for hazards (a real trouble spot with fast riding even on open country roads).


Moving the handlebars adjusts the entire frame, not just the front wheel.  The design of the bike is largely based on the BMW R32, which was designed in 1923. The R32’s triangular frame has been reinterpreted, with bearings and joints hidden to make the frame appear as a singular volume.



The surface of the frame is covered in matt black textile, while body elements such as the seat, upper frame cover and wings are made of carbon fibre. The BMW logo is illuminated in blue and white colours while the bike is being driven, and red strips under the seat form the rear light and indicators.

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See more in Concept Vehicles or under Transportation. November, 2016.