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Note: Gajitz is no longer publishing new material.

What is Gajitz dot com? Gajitz is an interactive archive of innovations past, present and futuristic … a collection of the latest and greatest gadget designs, sensational scientific discoveries and terrific new technologies, emphasis on anything with a unique twist.  Our best finds are generally designs that defy particular typologies, wander away from convention and are more than merely consumable objects.



Who is Behind Gajitz? Kurt Kohlstedt is the primary editor these days, though Delana Lefevers is responsible for a huge percentage of the site’s archived articles. Kurt keeps busy on various projects in Oakland, California. Delana lives in Nebraska with three small children and various furry things. She is obsessed with hedgehogs, obscure words, and shiny objects on the ground.


What Makes Gajitz unique? Beyond lots of fresh and interesting coverage, Gajitz offers a huge variety of navigational options. You can search by the five primary categories listed at the top of each page  or the subcategories that appear on the sidebar once you click into a primary category. You can see a larger preview and title of a given post in the main column on the left, usually related to the page you are on, or navigate to random archived articles via thumbnails to the right.


Why the Name Gajitz? Well, as you might imagine, the correct spelling of “gadgets” is long taken so we went for the funniest phonetic (though we nabbed and redirected a few others for forgetful types, too, including Gajitx for European keyboards, Gagitz, Gajets, Gajits, Gadgits, Gadjitz and so forth).


What Next? Take your time, browse the categories, check the archives and subscribe to the feed for fresh designs daily. Also: spread the word bookmark the site on Delicious, follow the updates on Twitter and join the group on Facebook and and share it with your friends. Thanks for reading!


How to Contact Gajitz: Please keep in mind that we get a lot of emails every single day, many from unsavory sorts of internet people that really no one wants to hear from. That said, those rare diamonds in the rough from innovators to potential collaborators, which make this contact page worthwhile.

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