A Modern View: Old Toy Transformed Into a 3D Video Player

hacked view-master plays videos

Our little red View-Master toys gave us hours of entertainment as kids, but their static images are a little old fashioned for today’s kids who have their own iPads. Alec Smecher decided to modernize an old View-Master to play 3D movies, and the result is pretty impressive.

side view-master video player

He started with a deluxe View-Master that has an attachment for batteries and a light. This attachment was a vital part of the final design because it provided enough space for the hardware needed. This was Smecher’s first foray into Frankensteining View-Masters, so he did a fair amount of trial and error before coming up with the perfect combination of hardware.

In the end, the redesigned toy looks amazing. The mini CD that replaced the original cardboard picture discs sticks out of the top a bit as it spins rapidly, so it may not be an ideal toy for young kids. If you’re interested in recreating the awesome project, all kinds of technical details can be found on Smecher’s website.

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See more in Camera & Video or under Gadgets. December, 2013.