1995 AOL Commercial Takes You Back to Early Internet Days

With the amazingly fast internet of today, it’s easy to forget that at one time, you had to pay by the hour for the privilege of 28 kbps dial-up service. This early AOL commercial brings all of those memories flooding back – or, if you’re too young to remember those days, it shows you just what we older folks had to deal with in the early days of the internet.

What the commercial fails to mention is that, because the typical connection speed was so painfully slow in those days, there is no possible way the guy could have done all of those things in less than a couple of hours. It’s definitely worth a watch, though, if for no other reason than to hear a grown man gleefully proclaim “I can even send email on the Internet!”

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See more in Aged Adverts or under Vintage & Retro. November, 2012.